Decking Repairs @ Nandos

Nandos in Hull got in touch with us and told us about their decking area. We arranged a time to go and inspect the area and agreed that work was required asap. How does your decking look after summer? Need us to have a look for you? Get in touch!

Drainage @ ASK Italian

ASK Italian got in touch with us again and asked if we would be able to repair a section of their drainage… naturally, we were more than happy to get our hands dirty. Another great job done! If you have drainage not doing its job… get on touch.

Car Park @ ASK Italian

When ASK Italian contacted us, they told us that their car park wasn’t clear enough and could we help? Of course we could. We think the pictures speak for themselves. If you need your car park improving, get in touch today.

Artificial Grass@ Private Client

Here at Rabtech Services, we love nothing more than a surprised customer. Emailing us on the off-chance we might lay artifial grass, “Yes, we supply and fit with a satisfaction guarantee” There was a brief silence before they asked for a quote and we booked them in… Rabtech Services; More than just an electrical company. […]

Paintwork @ Princes Quay Hull

Princes Quay reached out to us and said that their corridors are a little “beige”, and asked what we could do for them. Naturally, we picked up our brushes and rollers and you can see the difference below. We think it looks a million times better and brightens the areas up… very inviting and friendly. […]

The Bathroom Refurb

One that we are particularly proud of. A website customer completed our online contact form and in no time at all, they had their quote and were more than happy to proceed. Our team set them up on Rabtech Live and they had all the information they needed regarding their new bathroom. Another happy Rabtech […]

Paver Repair @ Princes Quay in Hull

We had a call from our friends at Princes Quay,  telling us that they have an area of paving that has become a possible trip hazard. As you can see from the image above, it was in need of an urgent, quality repair so, we got to work. Now the area is safe and flush! […]

Reduce your energy bill with these simple tips

With power companies charging, or more importantly OVER CHARGING for what you actually use, we wanted to provide a simple and easy to follow guide to reducing your energy bills considerably. Some of these tips may involve spending a few pence, others may require a little more but, majority don’t cost anything. Take the time […]

5 Ways to detect SCARY electrical faults in your home

CAN YOU SMELL FISH? Your home (or workplace) can suffer from several faults and problems over time. Most are common little issues, while others rarely happen. Without electrical knowledge, we DO NOT advise you to tackle anything you’re unsure of.  These 5 problems are a “Keep your eye open and be safe” guide, NOT a […]

Show your kids how smart you are.

It’s the weekend so, why not try this simple little experiment with your kids? Show them how smart you are! Materials You Will Need:   2 Energizer MAX® D batteries, out of the package Electrical tape Insulated number 22 copper wire Two metal paper clips   Please Read Carefully!   All experiments use safe, low-voltage […]

Your Monday morning Quick Read… Thinking of hiring an electrician?

If you own your home or a business; eventually you will have to hire an electrician (FACT). With SO MANY individuals claiming to be able to “do it cheaper than anyone”; you need to be careful who you hire for the job. Smile…its Monday!   Is hiring an electrician cost-effective?   Hiring an electrician is […]

Why should we make the switch to LED

With more and more people and businesses switching to LED, find out why you should too and how much it will cost you.   Can you afford NOT to make the switch? #theledmakeover Register now and start saving money, time and the earth. We DO NOT Spam

Home Automation is here

Once upon a time, it seemed like Home Automation was something you would find in films like IronMan A finger is all it takes to execute your commands. Even when you are away from home. Home Automation is here, and at Rabtech, we are at the forefront of automation design, installation and support. While some […]

The Importance Of Regular Testing and Inspection

Testing and inspections… keep on top of it (it’s the law) Safety in the workplace is more than ‘wet floor’ signs and fire exits. You are responsible for every person in the building and this guide should give you a better understanding of the importance of testing and inspections.   What should I get tested? […]


Welcome to our brand new branding and website. After months of preparation and hard work; we are proud to introduce our brand new website User friendly and simple to navigate throughout, our new site is the central hub for learning about RABTECH UK and contacting us. Our social media pages are easily accessible via […]

PRINCES QUAY, HULL @HIPgallery #hullywood

COME ALONG AND SHOW SOME SUPPORT WITH US… #PRINCES QUAY HULL   @HIPgallery presents #hullywood Feb 17th – Apr 2nd 2017 Gallery opening times are: Monday to Saturday 12pm-5pm Sundays 12-4pm Free entry!  

The countdown to changes…

Our new look website and branding is almost ready. Many, many months of hard work and long nights has brought us to this point… #changesarecoming2017

2017… changes are coming

The brand new look RABTECH is here It is with great excitement that we announce our brand new image. We have spent months ensuring that everything reflects our name and brand… and we’re finally ready to show it off to you all. RABTECH UK is now available on: Facebook- Twitter – Snapchat – […]