12 MUST HAVE Christmas presents for the kids 2017

12 MUST HAVE Christmas presents for the kids 2017 (and let’s be honest, Dad will try to buy the toys HE wants to play with) Whether we like it or not, Christmas really is “just around the corner” and everyone but you has already finished their shopping. To help you find the perfect pressie for […]

Christmas ruined in ONE MINUTE!

Christmas is almost here and it will soon be time to climb into the loft, fight through the cobwebs in the shed and rescue the boxes and bags of decorations. I know, it feels as though you’ve only just packed them all away. As the majority of us will store our Christmas decorations in the […]

Quick guide to East Yorkshire attractions for half term fun!

DON’T PANIC, IT’S ONLY A WEEK!! Whether you’re a parent, carer, uncle, auntie, grandparent or maybe a big brother or sister;  we all want to make sure that half term isn’t just about sitting at home watching TV or playing on the Xbox. If you’re on a budget and still want to have fun days […]

Fancy a spot of DIY today? Look at this before your trip to B&Q!

When it comes to DIY there are two types of people… The natural: He or she can pick up any tool and materials and can make a pretty good job of it. The same person reads DIY books and watches YouTube tutorials before attempting a new project. The Know-it-all: This person has every tool you […]

Reduce your energy bill with these simple tips

With power companies charging, or more importantly OVER CHARGING for what you actually use, we wanted to provide a simple and easy to follow guide to reducing your energy bills considerably. Some of these tips may involve spending a few pence, others may require a little more but, majority don’t cost anything. Take the time […]

5 Ways to detect SCARY electrical faults in your home

CAN YOU SMELL FISH? Your home (or workplace) can suffer from several faults and problems over time. Most are common little issues, while others rarely happen. Without electrical knowledge, we DO NOT advise you to tackle anything you’re unsure of.  These 5 problems are a “Keep your eye open and be safe” guide, NOT a […]

Show your kids how smart you are.

It’s the weekend so, why not try this simple little experiment with your kids? Show them how smart you are! Materials You Will Need:   2 Energizer MAX® D batteries, out of the package Electrical tape Insulated number 22 copper wire Two metal paper clips   Please Read Carefully!   All experiments use safe, low-voltage […]

Your Monday morning Quick Read… Thinking of hiring an electrician?

If you own your home or a business; eventually you will have to hire an electrician (FACT). With SO MANY individuals claiming to be able to “do it cheaper than anyone”; you need to be careful who you hire for the job. Smile…its Monday!   Is hiring an electrician cost-effective?   Hiring an electrician is […]