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15 tips to surviving MONDAY

We all love Mondays… don’t we?

Here is our guide to a typical Monday and how to survive it, we wanted to share it with you. When you’ve finished, we’d love you to comment with a GIF that describes your typical Monday.

And remember, it’s…

1) Wake up refreshed after a good night sleep

2) Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee to start the day

3) Got plenty of time to get dressed, don’t worry

4) The kids can’t wait to get into school

5) Take a relaxed drive into the office…

6) And find a good parking space

7) Get sat at your desk, ready to work…

8) …because you love your job

9) A healthy lunch with all your friends… you’re half way there

10) Time to impress the boss

11) And fix the printer

“I’m going to need you to work late tonight”

12) You “forget” and leave at 5:30 anyway

13) Nothing’s stopping you from getting home today

14) Treat yourself to a fancy dinner

Congratulations, you made it through Monday

15) Finally, time for…


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